My Transgender Cupid Review

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Our Summary

My Transgender Cupid delivers on a unique dating experience for transsexual individuals who are looking for romance, and open-minded CIS people who are hoping to date Transgender singles.

We found the user-friendliness of the site to be exceptional, giving us a fluid way to move from one feature to another while still contacting users and showing our interest. The trans-oriented community was also quite supportive and open here, which we thought was good.

Anyone who is looking to begin a transsexual dating service that created for trans-women and trans-oriented men who want long-term and committed relationships should give My Transgender Cupid a try.

Alternatives to My Transgender Cupid

🆓 Free profile vs paid profile review

Free membership

  • Browsing all the profiles
  • Use the advanced search features
  • Send a like to members
  • Add members to your favorites
  • Add members as a friend
  • Play the CUPID games
  • Read messages
my transgender landing page displaying couple having a nice dinner

Paid membership

  • Search profiles                       
  • Browse profiles                      
  • Upload up to 24 photos
  • Read messages                      
  • Send messages                      
  • Shown first in the search list             
  • Communicate with everyone            
  • Shown as Premium Member             
  • Hide advertising banners                   

💰 Premium membership monthly plans

All Premium Memberships are non-recurring and will not automatically be renewed at the end of the period.    

DurationPrice per MonthTotal
1 Month$24.99 per Month$24.99
3 Months$13.33 per Month$39.99
6 Months$11.66 per Month$69.99
12 Months$8.99 per Month$99.99


Credits allow you to do the following:

  • Unlock conversations
  • Communicate with members
  • Earn credits by completing your profile
  • Earn credits by uploading a photo
  • Surprise your crush with a Gift

Credit bundles

These are the cost for credits:

50 Credits$14.99
125 Credits$24.99 Get bonus 25
300 Credits$39.99Get bonus 100
600 Credits$59.99Get bonus 300

✍️ Registration process and profile creation

Registering for My Transgender Cupid is quick and easy and will help you to meet that special someone to fulfil your relationship need!

  1. Sign up

    This first part won’t take long. To start dating trans men and women, you will first have to provide a valid email address, a username, and your location. You also must select the gender you identify as, either as a man or trans women.
    Trans women can select if they are post-op, pre-op, or non-op. If you want help selecting something more specific, you can contact the help and support page.

  2. Activate account

    To start the dating service and begin to meet trans men and women for dating, you must activate your account through the email link sent to you.

  3. Building Your Profile

    You will now be able to sign into the site, but it will help you a great deal to fill in the rest of your profile. Click on ‘Edit Profile’ on the left. You can now fill in more information about yourself, such as beliefs, education, and interests.
    This also means you can set up what your ideal date would be like!

  4. Upload Photographs

    Click on the photo icon in the upper-left and select photos to upload. Free members can upload 5, and premium even more.

  5. Start matching!

    You are all set to go! If you want to upgrade, make sure to set the term length for how long you want to be a premium member for.

👍 Pros and cons 👎

✔️ What we like

  • Niche dating market for a growing population
  • Welcomes non-trans to the site
  • Many features available
  • Supportive communities

❌ What we don’t like

  • Can be expensive for higher tiers
  • No messaging for standard users
  • Limited ways to interact without premium

Wonder what you should and shouldn’t say on a trans date? Then check out our guide on microaggressions against trans* persons in dating.

🙋 FAQs

How do I report a page on transgender cupid?

1. The report button is at the bottom of every profile page
2. Click it to open a window
3. Select why you want to report this member
4. Describe why you are reporting this member in the text field
5. You can add a checkmark at the ‘Block this member’ field to block
6. Click the Submit button to send the report

How do you reset your password?

Go to the ‘Forgot password’ page and enter your email address
click on ‘Reset your password’ button
An e-mail will now be sent to you that contains a link to reset your password. The link is valid for 15 minutes and only for you.
Once clicked on the link it will open a page where you can type your new password

How do I change my personal settings?

1. Sign in
2. Click on your Username in the top right corner
3. Click on Settings button
4. Here you have the option to change your gender*, password, e-mail address and the website language
6. Press ‘Submit’ to save changes

What features can I enjoy with a free membership?

Free members are limited in what is available to them. This includes:
Search profiles                       
Browse profiles                      
Upload 5 photos

How do I upgrade my account on my Transgender Cupid

Upgrading is simple! Just click on the icon for a premium membership in the upper part of the page and choose the plan that fits your needs.

How can I edit my profile?

You can change your profile as follows:

1. Click on your username on the top right corner
2. Click on ‘My page’ in the menu below
3. This will open your profile page – then click on the pencil of the part of your profile that you want to edit
4. Take your time to fill in the fields and write a nice text about yourself
5. When finished click on the ‘Send for approval’ button.

How do I block a member?

1. At the bottom of every profile page there is a Block button
2. When clicking on this button it opens a window
3. Confirm it by clicking on ‘OK

All the members who you blocked can be found at the ‘Blocked members’ page.

How do I permanently delete my profile?

1. ‘Sign in’
2. Click on your Username in the top right corner
3. Click on Settings button
4. At the bottom of the page there is a link to pause or delete your profile
5. You can either put your profile on pause or to delete your profile permanently
6. Click on the ‘Continue’ button and confirm
7. Enter your password followed by the Continue button

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