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Who we are?

  • We are looking for relationships.
  • We know how to find love and romance. 
  • We enjoy good sex.
  • We believe in a perfect soul mate.
  • We are sure that love after 50+ exists.
  • We support equality.
  • We understand diversity.
  • We respect all religions.

Datingroo offers true, unbiased and clear reviews of online dating portals to ensure that everyone who is in an online dating scene can make the best possible choice to join the dating platform that fits its own needs, affinities, age, education, and personality. 

Our team is daily testing and effectively comparing dozens of online dating websites to give the best dating options for dating websites users. We go even deeper into the dating scene by researching the market, studying social, gender and safety issues among others, as well as the needs of different profiles, trying to provide our audience with the most significant information for finding the perfect relationship match in online dating platforms.

Following the individual interests of our audience, we at en.datingroo-ca.com, are evaluating and independently testing options for different types of dating and relationships, from a serious relationship, through a casual dating or LGBTQ dating to the senior dating and many more categories.

Our goal is to make online-dating decisions easier for everyone.

We are very open-minded and always looking forward to the feedback of your online dating experience!

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