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Lesbian dating recommendations

Here are our top recommendations for lesbian dating services. Check them out today!

Most Popular Choice
  • Meet Committed friends or lover
  • Available for all users worldwide Zero signup fee
  • Members: 10 million
Adult Friend Finder
  • Meet: Matured & funny singles
  • No hidden charges: Free signup
  • Online: +94 million
  • For matured singles ready to mingle
  • Zero charges:No signup stress
  • Active members: 9 million


  • Get excited everyday
  • No single dull moment
  • Connect with like minds
  • Veteran female users ready to mingle.
  • meet people from different locations
  • Meet: Lezzie singles for relationships with no strings attached
  • No hidden fee: Limited active users
  • Available: 70,000
  • local dating
  • chat rooms
  • available for mobile too
  • Help people to find love
  • Bring emotions
  • Make new friends
Ashley Madison
  • Best for: Singles looking for no strings attached fun
  • Free membership: Free registration, limited
  • Users: 54 million
  • For: Homosexual and bi singles looking for serious relationships
  • Available worldwide: No registration stress
  • Members: +2million
  • Large database of verified & attractive Asian and European singles
  • Efficient communication tools for real relationships
  • Top-level safety and professional support
  • A dating site that allows you to meet beautiful Asian, European and Latino singles
  • Real-time communication with efficient tools
  • Professional dating services

Explore meaningful connections in the Great White North with Locals with Dreams, the ultimate casual dating platform tailored for Canadians. Find like-minded locals and turn your romantic dreams into reality.

  • Canadian Connections: Connect with singles in your local Canadian community, ensuring culturally relevant and geographically proximate matches.
  • Dream-Centric Matching: Experience personalized matchmaking that aligns with your desires, making each connection on Locals with Dreams uniquely fulfilling.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Navigate seamlessly through profiles and conversations with an intuitive interface, fostering easy and enjoyable interactions.
  • Privacy and Security: Prioritize your privacy with advanced security features, creating a secure environment for genuine and discreet interactions.
  • Local Events and Adventures: Immerse yourself in local events and shared experiences, adding excitement and depth to your casual dating journey with Locals with Dreams in Canada.

Looking for different dating sites?

There are plenty of online dating sites and apps to join that are aimed at women who are only interested in meeting other girls. But for those just getting into the online game, how do you know where to start and what the best site is for you? We guide you through the process of finding your best lesbian app.

What are the best lesbian dating sites?

Pink Cupid

Pink Cupid was founded in 2006 by the well-known Cupid network and since then offers lesbians and bisexual women the opportunity to get to know each other. The registration on the lesbian dating app is free of charge and without much effort.

The dating network for queer women now has over 1 million users worldwide. The site offers a comprehensive mix of useful features.

One particularly attractive feature is the integrated translator, which is great for flirting with girls from distant countries and cultures.

Users can see who is currently online and whether there are potential matches nearby. On average, there are at least 200 members online at any given time, so there is always something to tell and flirt with.

In order to use all news functions, users need a paid subscription. This includes all extras such as a Canadian lesbian chat and communication with all members.


The “Her” dating app has an attractive design and a tidy surface. You can log in via Facebook or Instagram. Her has a community atmosphere that offers forums and feeds, users can post updates and socialise with others besides flirting.

The costs are reasonable compared to other services, and those who take out an annual subscription even keep their monthly expenses under £8. Her is a LGBT+ friendly network that welcomes all (transgender) women equally.

Unfortunately, all too often we are reminded to take out a Premium Membership, which can be a pain in the long run.

With its worldwide network, Her not only offers women the opportunity to meet other local single women, you can also connect with girls from all over the globe, flirt and more. In the communities you can exchange information about various topics such as sports, food, sex, LGBT+ issues, news and much more.


Through the app, singles and couples or several couples can come together to have sexual intercourse. Although the app is similar to Tinder and Match in terms of functions, there is actually much more to it. 

Compared to the mainstream app, Feeld allows you to specify your sexuality and to file gender norms.

The app was originally created to find suitable people for threesomes and group sex, it is one of the most inclusive dating apps in Canada and offers over 20 sexual orientations.

It is best suited for lesbian and bi-gender women. With more than 2 million users worldwide, there is a lot to discover on Feeld.

For user security, Feeld checks users’ Facebook accounts and can be given phone numbers for authentication.

All in all a successful complete package. Feeld is only available as an app for Android and iOS devices. There is no browser version.


OkCupid Canada has launched many great campaigns to embrace the LGBT+ movement, the app itself has a wide range of gender and sexual orientation such as pansexuality and scoliosexuality. 

It is aimed at young lesbians and bi-girls and gives them the protected space they need. With over 50 million users worldwide, OkCupid is clearly one of the best known dating services among young people.

With OkCupid the registration is done in just a few steps. Enter what you are looking for and prefer and you can start right away.

The app searches for suitable partners based on your interests and preferences. Queer and lesbian girls in particular are addressed and feel very comfortable on the platform. You can also view the results from your environment.

It is one of the most complex dating services around. For the registration alone you can estimate at least 10 minutes. For that you almost get the feeling of handpicked matches.


At Bumble, women make the first step. In same-sex matches anyone can make the first step. The other person has 24 hours to answer, otherwise the link will expire. Thanks to this function, 2.9 billion messages have already been sent

You can register with Bumble via the app. This is available for free download for iOS and Android. A mobile phone number or Facebook account is required for registration. 

The matching is based on the simple swiping principle, which you already know from Tinder. Here you rate singles and their profiles primarily based on their profile pictures. If you like a single, you swip to the right. 

You can also log in to Bumble with your Apple account, a very convenient feature.

Lesbian girls area having fun together with LGBT dating

Often designed with straight people in mind, single ladies who join dating sites looking for women can sometimes have heterosexual women come up in their results or even receive messages from cisgender-men who don’t believe they’re gay. 

Many sites still having a long way to go when it comes to catering to the diverse needs of queer people, which is why there are plenty of exclusively lesbian dating sites and apps emerging.

Using sites created specifically for gay, lesbian and bi-curious women is a great way to help you find a romance, love and a partner with the same interests as you. Some of the best apps are beginning to gain attention and many existing dating apps are releasing better queer-friendly features, so there’s never been a better time to sign up and get started.

What to consider when using lesbian dating apps?

It can be extremely hard to meet fellow homosexuals singles, especially if you live in a small town or a rural area. You’re working with a much smaller pool than straight women, so it’s no wonder that you might be finding dating challenging. 

This is where websites can help. Whether you’re a bisexual woman who’s never dated women before or a lesbian who’s newly dating, online sites are a great way to connect with other women discreetly. Not all queer women want to be as open about her private life as Ellen DeGeneres.

The one that suits your needs

Many apps let you register and search for other gay women for free. You can browse the dating site and get a feel for how it works, and then decide whether it offers everything you want from an online platform, without having to subscribe to a premium subscription.

A surprising amount of heterosexual men trying to sign up to lesbian dating apps, so it’s becoming more and more important that you trust the site you want to use. 

You’ll want to enjoy a safe and secure online experience, and many sites are members of the Online Dating Association to safeguard you against fake profiles, unsolicited contact and scams.

Fast sign-up and additional benefits

You’ll be able to create a profile in minutes with the quick and simple sign-up on the homepage of a majority of dating sites. 

You can choose from a range of gender identity and sexual orientation options, making them much more inclusive.

There’s also the option to subscribe to the site’s premium service for additional benefits and for a more tailored service. On some sites and apps, communicating with other members falls under paid features. 

So, if the option of messaging for free is what appeals to you most, you’ll need to choose a site that matches those requirements.

Some dating sites also have instant messaging in addition to sending private messages, and you can see whether or not someone is offline. You can relax knowing if someone’s seen your conversation and work out who’s actively looking to find a new partner.

If you do decide to upgrade to access the full features of a dating site, there are different subscriptions you can choose from and there are discounts if you sign up for a longer length of time.

Tips for lesbian online dating

  1. Don’t wait too long to meet each other in the real world. No matter how nicely you write to each other – gestures, facial expressions and voice of the other person can significantly change any picture that has been gained in writing before.

  2. Try not to worry too much about the stereotypical butch/femme dynamics. Although you can add what you’re looking for to the bio in your online dating profile, there’s no rule to say lesbians need to date under the butch/femme umbrella.

    Sometimes it’s better to find out what types of women you find attractive naturally and not to overthink the act of dating too much.

  3. The best app will introduce you to other female members you’re compatible with and let you search and filter easily to find your ideal match. If you get too many inappropriate messages, report it to the site, if they can’t help you, check out and review the app/site for others.

  4. Before you decide which dating site to join, you’ll need to figure out what you’re looking for from a relationship and a potential match.

  5. Know what you want, try to be honest with yourself. There will be women on the lookout for something serious, affairs and one night stands. Be yourself and keep in mind what is best for you and your wellbeing.

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Pros & Cons of dating on lesbian sites


  • With many sites having a member database of over a million women and thousands of daily logins, sites and apps provide you with plenty of diversity in the people you can date.

  • Smart algorithms help you connect with single ladies based on how their personality, location and interests match with yours, and you can browse profiles and photos to narrow down your search further.

    Finding that common ground will help make dating easier and more effective.

  • You can find lots of members who share dating and relationship advice, as well as reading success stories of women who have found their ideal partner through a site.

  • There are app versions of online queer dating sites too, which means you can easily search and swipe when you’re on the go.

    You’ll find although the apps don’t often offer anything new, but they are free to download, have all of the same innovative features as the desktop site and can make dating that little bit easier.


  • You may waste some of your time selecting profiles that do not fit your needs. At some point, however, the same users keep turning up again and again anyway.

    When you get used to the dopamine kick from getting new matches and it helps you get through the day it is time to have a break from swiping. Besides, many dates may remain in the online world.

  • You may take it personally when you don’t have a “match” or someone doesn’t respond to your message. It’s unpleasant for everyone to be rejected, but there’s no point in worrying about it.

    But if you do it anyway, which may keep you from asking for a date.

  • Even if you live in a city like London, there is still a good chance that you will meet friends, work colleagues or your ex on Pink Cupid & Co.

    This could be a bit unpleasant under certain circumstances… Especially if you hadn’t come out yet.

  • After about a month you might get bored, because you always have the same online small-talk that you are not really interested in. You tell your story over and over again, often without even being serious anymore.

Why is Lesbian Online Dating working so well?

Whether you’re newly-out or recently single and looking for a new relationship, the world of LGBT can seem complicated. Nobody teaches you the rules about dating other women and it may be a little confusing at first, but it is also incredibly fun and exciting.

Figuring out who’s gay

One of the hardest things about same-sex dating is trying to figure out if that woman who caught your eye is interested in women too. LGBTQ+ dating takes away all the guesswork, making it ideal for newly-out lesbians or bi-curious women who don’t know where to start.

Fast hook-ups are less common

When it comes to online lesbian dating, it can be quite different from how straight people or gay men operate. 

Casual hook-ups don’t happen as frequently or as quickly

It shows that dating sites can provide a fun, flirty, and safe environment for LGBT to date, find romance and fall in love.

Why are lesbian apps so popular?

Some of the best lesbian dating apps have grown into a worldwide online community for homosexual, bisexual and queer women. 

Unlike popular mobile apps for iOS and Android, like Tinder or OkCupid, lesbian dating apps give you a variety of ways to hookup and fall in love. They are also an open and inclusive community, giving cis and trans women coming out a place to feel welcome. 

Many mix matching features with social networking, so you can make connections, read the news on your timeline, and find out about events taking place in your area. 

Lesbian dating apps provide a safe and sound environment for lesbians while the outside world may do not.

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