The benefits of dating grannies who are over 60

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For anyone who enjoys the finer things in life, matchmaking for a casual relationship with older women is certainly one of them. After all, the benefits of dating a granny who is over 60 are far greater than what you may have originally thought, and there’s no denying it’s fun. 

In this article, we’ll discuss not only the reasons for why you should date a granny, but why attraction exists between older women and young men as well as some of the difficulties you might face and how you can give yourself an edge as you date. Read on to learn more!

Reasons why you should date a granny

There are many reasons why someone younger may want to try dating older people, either for a one night stand or in a long-term relationship. These perks include your partner having a wealth of experience and knowing what they already want out of a relationship: 

  • Grannies have a wealth of life experience to share with you
  • They are also experienced lovers, meaning you will be in good hands
  • Older women are independent financially and often in every other aspect, and they like to be in charge
  • Cougars are more appreciative of what you have to offer, more so than younger women may be
  • They can take care of you in more ways than one, meaning anything from sex, living arrangements, putting you in touch with the right connections, and more

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Attraction on senior dating sites despite the age gap

Believe us when we say that the appeal to granny dating isn’t just in the side perks: there is a real sexual and physical attraction between older women and younger men despite the differences in age. In fact, there are many older women who date younger men

To give you some insight into how these relationships work and why there is such an interest in them, let’s look at why younger men like older women and vice versa: 

Why younger men like older women

Often, younger men are attracted to an older woman who exudes a sense of control, experience, and lust that attracts them to a sphere of women who feel somehow above or beyond them. 

There’s a maturity there that draws in on their desire to be with someone who shows a compatibility with them not only as a companion, but someone who can guide them and even nurture them. This relates to a sense of mothering that some men seek from older women. 

For many young men, it’s about enjoying the experience and indulgences of someone who is not only fulfilling their own desires, but being with someone who knows more than they do and has already gone through their own life experiences. 

There’s also a sense of being able to let go and be wild with someone who is no longer concerned about pregnancy, starting a relationship with you, or even committing to anything more than a one-night stand. 

Finally, there’s a financial element that relates to many who enjoy sugar dating, where a sugar mommy provides certain goods and services in return for your own. 

Why older women like younger men

Unlike older men, younger men for older women fulfill a sense of revitalizing youth through casual sex and hookups. It reminds them of their youth and makes them feel young again, and they’re free to indulge their libido’s with someone capable of giving it their all. 

After all, younger guys are able to perform more vigorously and frequently than their older peers. 

For some, there’s an element of showing off that comes with being seen out on the town with a younger man. It shows the world that you’re still desirable despite your age, and you could have the pick of the litter if you so choose to. 

Others see it as a way to enjoy indulging young men the way a caregiver might while still enjoying to be seduced by them, no guilt attached. Still more like to be in control of a relationship, whether its finances, decision-making, or even grooming the young men. 

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Difficulties you might face while dating someone in an older age group

Unless you are using mature dating websites, meeting people well above your age range can be a tricky thing to do unless you know where to go or have a few local water-holes that are familiar to you. Grannies don’t go out looking for hookups as often as younger women do. 

Additionally, you will have to adjust to the physical ability of your partner. She may not be able to go out and do the things you enjoy, and she may have her own limitations on what she’s capable of in the bedroom. 

You may not enjoy having your drinks or meals paid for, and if the mothering aspect of these kinds of relationships put you off it may be harder to meet a granny who is looking for something more direct, although not at all impossible. 

There’s also the reality that your age difference may stand out in public places, if your relationship goes that far. If either one of you isn’t comfortable with that, it can really put a hamper on where your relationship goes and how far. 

Dating tips to find love with potential partners in an older age range

Whether you are new to the dating scene of online dating sites or not, you should be aware that most of your potential matches are going to come from a demographic determined by an algorithm using your dating profile and others’ to see if you are a match. 

Whether it’s a free dating site to meet grannies or something more elaborate, the process is largely the same. 

What this means is that if you are looking to date grannies specifically, you really need to adjust your searches and your dating profile to make that clear. Let others know that you want that first date to be with someone significantly older, and what you want out of it. 

When you do get your matchmaking set up how you want it, don’t be shy when it comes to messaging prospective dates. Let them know you’re interested and then let them take the lead on the conversation. 

You can usually tell if they’re interested after a few messages back and forth. 

Take some time to consider what they are physically capable of doing before you take them out. If they can’t walk well, don’t do something stupid like take them to a club. Wine her and dine her first. 

Listen to her suggestions and keep an open mind about what you’ll do and how your night will go.

Finally, make sure to bring protection. A lot of younger guys make the mistake that, because the granny is older she isn’t at risk of a pregnancy, so why use protection? That’s partly true, but sexually transmitted diseases still exist and you can still get that from someone older. 

With that in mind, play it safe and just bring something like a condom along. 

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FAQ about the benefits of dating a granny

From baby boomers to senior singles well past their 60s, if you are new to dating grannies for one night stands then you doubtless have a few questions. Fortunately for you, we’ve gone ahead and answered some of the most frequently asked questions to get you going. 

Where can you find grannies offline? 

If you want to hookup with mature women offline rather than online, you should start by spending more time at lounges attached to nicer hotels. These tend to be frequented by older women and the convenience of the adjacent hotel needs no explanation. 

You can also try wine bars, a few clubs that cover special nights for the 50 and up crowd, as well as yoga courses and even art classes. You may need to consider spending time at these type of classes to get to know the women ahead of time before you jump in. 

What are the best long-term relationship apps for finding grannies?

If you would rather have a serious relationship with a granny, then there are a number of dating services for seniors that we could recommend for long-term romances: 

  • eHarmony
  • SilverSingles
  • Ourtime

What are the best hookup apps for finding grannies?

If you are looking for dating apps outside of Tinder for meeting grannies, which can work but requires a bit more of an effort on your part, there are some more exclusive dating apps that you can try: 

  • Granny
  • CougarD
  • Greydar
  • Senior Match
  • Granny Hookup

How should I prepare for my granny dating? 

Generally, take into consideration what her needs are and how you can best supply them for her. Don’t be rough with her and don’t rush anything, let her take the lead. You can prepare best by also bringing protection for sex, dressing nicely, and being polite with her.