How to seduce a granny: dating tips for granny hookup success

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More than one younger guy has found himself in a situation where he is undeniably attracted to an older, beautiful woman, but has found himself at a loss with how to proceed. Knowing how to seduce a granny can take some practice, but the effort is well worth it. 

If you want to learn how to see your sexual desires fulfilled with dating older women, then read on to learn some tips on seducing, texting, and flirting with a granny, as well as some do’s and don’ts. Get started with successful dating and hookups with older ladies today!

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Steps and tips on seducing a granny

Whether you want to seduce a MILF who has caught your eye or you’ve caught the eye of a cougar on the prowl, your first time seducing an older woman can be a daunting experience. There are no surefire ways to make this work for you either, which adds to the difficulty. 

Fortunately for you though, there are some general steps and tips you can follow to put you on the right track toward seducing an older woman.

To begin with, you want to go to where older women tend to unwind or go out looking for a casual hookup themselves. While there are many places to just generally meet mature singles, it’s better to place yourself somewhere which offers the right setting and context. 

These places include bars, lounges, wine clubs, and anywhere that offers people a chance to cut loose and mingle with others. It can also be online dating services that cater specifically to dating older women, or hooking up with them. 

Once you’re in the right place, it’s a matter of approaching them. Depending on whether you go online or offline, you can alter your strategy. If online, simply reach out to women who appeal to you, be it physically or in some other way. 

If offline, check to see if they are flirting with you, making eye contact, or just generally noticing you. If so, make an effort to catch their attention, either by buying them a drink or going over to chat them up. 

How you do that is up to you and depends on your own strengths, but if you notice any level of sexual tension, consider it a good sign that she’s interested and your efforts to seduce her are working. 

If things go well, either wait for her to take the lead on where the two of you go next, or consider casually offering her a solution. However, this does lead us to some of our more general tips to make sure you are successful: 

  • Don’t insert yourself too forcibly or awkwardly into a conversation she’s having or with something she’s doing, you don’t want to be annoying
  • Don’t make sex the very first thing you two talk about. Put some effort into this
  • Dress nicely and be polite. Unless she’s looking for someone who can’t take care of themselves than you’re better off making an effort with your hygiene and dress
  • Be respectful, not crude or crass
  • Play to your strengths: if you are witty, tell a joke. If you are charming, charm her. If your looks are what you have going for you, make sure she sees that and play to it
  • Let her take the lead, she’s expecting it anyway, but she doesn’t want to baby you either
  • If you feel like it isn’t going well, back off. Better to move on than to keep pushing something that won’t happen

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Texting and Flirting Tips

Without the advantage of being able to see her in person and read her body language, texting and flirting online or through messaging requires a little more work, especially if you’re a young man trying to bridge a bit of an age gap. To help, here are some tips you can follow: 

  • If you met her in person, make sure to send her a message the next day at the latest. You want to keep your momentum going and at least touch base
  • Don’t expect her to make the first move when it comes to messaging over the phone or online, she may not be as familiar with it as you are
  • Rely on your self-confidence when you write to her, but don’t come off as arrogant. Read through your texts and flirting with her
  • Compliment her and highlight the things that you find attractive to her, and let her know you are interested
  • When flirting, pay attention to how she responds to you and play your responses by ear: if she likes it, go a little further, but if not then stop

Do’s and Don’ts for your first date with an old woman

Once you’ve seduced her, you’ll of course have to make sure that everything goes off without a hitch to see you score big. Here are some do’s and don’ts to follow if you want the best odds of success with your first time going out on a date with her: 


  • Make sure you pay attention to her needs and what she wants to do
  • See what she is physically able to do and plan around that
  • Watch her body language on your date to see if she is comfortable or not, and adjust your date plan as necessary
  • Maintain eye contact when you talk to her or she speaks, and ask questions to follow up as necessary
  • Let her take the lead on your date, whether she wants dinner, drinks or something else before things progress


  • Don’t assume she’ll be able to do the things that people your own age typically do on a night out, so no clubbing or anything like that
  • Don’t compare her to a young woman and what she might be able to do, either before your hookup or during
  • You shouldn’t hope for your casual hookup to become a serious relationship after one night out, especially if she made it clear she’s just looking for fun
  • Don’t expect her to be up-to-date on any sort of trending things, so you’ll have to adjust your conversations to something appropriate

What you can expect from dating and sex with a granny

There are many advantages of dating a granny, and sex is one of them. With an age difference between the two of you, you can expect dating and sex to be a bit more to the point than if you were with a younger woman. There won’t be as much beating around the bush on your dates, but they’ll also be a bit more refined and mature. 

She’ll have a lot of life experience to share with you, so while sex might not be particularly aggressive or vigorous, it will be more enjoyable thanks to tricks she’s learned. Of course, that isn’t always going to be the case, but it’s something to consider. 

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Advantages of enjoying an active sex life with a granny

Naturally, older women have certain advantages over younger women when it comes to giving you a fulfilling sexual experience. Not only have they been around the block a few times, but they’re able to take charge and get what they want. 

That means that there isn’t any sort of guessing about what she does or doesn’t like, as she’s most likely to just be upfront and tell you. She’s also financially stable by this point, and is capable of taking care of you more than you. 

FAQ about how to seduce an older woman

Seducing an older woman requires a bit of finesse and playing to your own strengths. To help you get started and to make it a little easier, we’ve answered some of the most frequently asked questions. 

What do older women see in younger men?

Older women appreciate the youth and virility that younger men have to offer, including but not limited to their physical good looks. Young men also make older women feel younger and more attractive themselves, which is great for a confidence booster. 
Some older women like to mother young men too, which can include pampering them as they go out or treating them to the finer things in life that they may not be used to. 

Where can I meet older women online? 

There are a number of online sites for you to check out if you want to enjoy casual granny hookups, or if you would prefer something more serious. These are the dating apps and websites that we would recommend for hookups: 
Granny, CougarD, Greydar, Senior Match, Granny Hookup
And these are the dating sites we would recommend for a young guy to find serious romance with older ladies: 
eHarmony, SilverSingles, Ourtime,

Does a mature woman have an increased sex drive? 

You can’t universally say that this is the case, but it is often true that older women have an increased libido compared to younger women. This conflicts with older men whose sex drive drops as they get older, and so mature women tend to look toward younger guys for sex.